Listed below are classmates who are in need of our thoughts and our prayers due to illness or health problems. Please contact Jean Kay Domingue-Moreau at the information listed below to add someone you know from the TJ Class of '61 who is having health issues so prayers can be offered up on their behalf.



Helen Abraham-Alford
Olivia Aleman
Sammy Atchison
Cindy Brantley
Sharon Comeaux
Jim Davis
Pat Doyle-Landry
Charlotte Foote
Paul Gennusa
Mickey McMonagle
Barbara Miguez
Ricky Montana
Allen Michon
Emma Rose Peccorino-Simon
Mika Primeaux
Ingrid Wendlandt



If you know of any other of our Classmates who are ill please contact:

Jean Kay Domingue-Moreau
Call or Email
Cell:  (409) 626-0763