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The "Senior Ball"



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Do You Remember Who You Went to the Senior Ball with?

Nova Coleman and Mike Gracey

Charlotte Owens-Davis ... Bremerton, WA --- Grover Mackenroth .... Class of 1961 .... took me to the Senior Ball.  He gave me a beautiful orchid corsage ..... He had pictures taken of us ..... We went to the Pleasure Island Ballroom after the prom.  We dated on and off on our Senior year.  I remember being very "stand offish" and always hugging the passenger side of the car.  As far as I remember, he always worked after school.  He was such a nice guy.

Paul Fitzner ... Port Arthur, TX --- I remember that evening very well.  I had asked Phyllis Latiolas (TJ Class of 1963) at the very beginning of the school year.  I have always cherished that memory.  It was indeed an evening to remember ... always.

Ida Daigle-Steele ... Port Arthur, TX --- I went to the Senior Ball with Richard "Butch" Comeaux of the TJ Class of 1959.

Janice Dickerson-Svoboda ... Houston, TX --- Yes, I remember very well.  I went with Jerry Laughlin from Bridge City and he gave me the black orchard I had requested - great times.

Beatrice Vidrine-McRae ... Livingston, TX --- I remember attending the Senior Ball like it was only yesterday.  Mike Levy of the TJ Class of 1960 escorted me.  We had a very nice time and many lifetime memories were made.

Sammy Atchison ... Port Arthur, TX --- I went to the Senior Prom with Phyllis Nunez of the TJ Class of 1963.

(L-R) Sammy Atchison*
 & Phyllis Nunez
Madeline (Pokey) Melancon
 & Clarence Atchison

* How many remember that 1957 Candy Red, Chevrolet Bellaire Hardtop Convertible  Sammy drove?

Sharon Jones-Guidry ... Vernon, MI --- I was escorted to the Senior Prom by Jimmie (James) Guidry, the love of my life, my steady, and my fiancÚ.  The Senior Waltz brought tears to my eyes, it was so beautiful.  Addie and Jim's Coiffures styled my hair, accented my eyes behind my glasses, and I felt like a princess in a fairy-tale complete in a white ball gown and black orchid corsage surrounded with red baby rose buds.  We went to eat at Leo and Willie's prior to the Prom, drove a 1960 Pontiac Convertible, attended after-prom at the Pleasure Pier Ballroom, and ended the all-night affair with breakfast for 20 at my house, hosted by my mother and step-father, before heading to Alice Powers' beach house to complete "Prom Weekend" (10 couples) complete with 8 adult chaperones.  Fell asleep on the beach and returned to school looking like a "boiled-crawfish".

Sandy Marsh-Boyd ... Nederland, TX --- Sure do remember the Senior Ball ...
Went with my Walter Boyd (TJ Class of 1959) (We just celebrated 40 years of marriage in October of 2001).  We doubled dated with Marie Benoit (TJ Class of '61 and Danny Lambert, TJ Class of '60 and now deceased).  Went to the Prom in High School Gym and then to Pleasure Island Ballroom for a dance.  Rod Bernard ("This should Go On Forever)") and his band entertained us.  Then we went to Marie Benoits family camp over at Moss Bluff in Louisiana ... Chaperoned by her Mom and her Dad.  Came back home next morning and slept part of day ... and looked forward to graduation night ...

Johnnie Arnold ... Groves, TX --- I remember that night well, my date was Evelyn "Eva" Broussard, TJ Class of 1961.

Frank Andrews ... Houston, TX --- I took Janice Foreman to the Senior Ball and I am still waiting for my kiss (as I never did get a kiss from her that night!)

James Barry Anderson ... Spring, TX --- I took Mary Lockwood, TJ Class of 1963, my steady for my senior year.  I was lucky enough to be a waltzer with Pat Daniel, that was fun and they played "Ruby" as we danced.  Lots of activities that night and I'm not too clear about most of them but I do know that Mary and I were still virgins at the end of that night.  I guess I will need help in remembering the rest of that night, anyone-help.

Billy Black ... Irving, TX --- Well, I surely need to recount my memories of Senior Prom night.  I remember what a great time it was for someone who couldn't dance.  I took Betsy Wellburn and she was really a knock out.  I stepped on her dress more than once while trying do dance.  We doubled with Rick Montana and his date (whom I cannot remember).  We had quite an interesting time getting our dates in the little care that we were using.  All of those petticoats filled the car and I had a difficult time seeing out of the rearview mirror.  After the prom we too went to the after dance at the Pleasure Pier Ballroom and then to breakfast the next morning.  I cannot remember at whose house we had breakfast, just too many years ago, and not too much to drink.  I'm sure Betsy would remember.  Anyway, it was a great time and will forever be a time I will remember.  Thanks, Betsy for being my date.

Ingrid Wendlandt-Hazleton ... Port Neches, TX --- I went to the Senior Ball with Jerry Nicholson from the TJ Class of 1959.

Linda Parent-Robinson ... Port Arthur, TX --- I remember that I went to the Ball with Bob Gratz of the Class of '62.

Sue Terrell-Dartez ... Baton Rouge, LA -- I went to the TJ Senior Ball with Ronnie Bigler from the TJ Class of 1960.

Jimmy Maxfield ... Houston, TX --- I went to the Ball with Sharon Sibley of the TJ Class of 1962.

David Nutt ... Deer Park, TX --- I went to the Senior Ball with Gracie Potter of the TJ Class of 1962.

Charles Hazleton ... Georgetown, TX --- Yes, I do remember who I took to the Senior Ball ... JANICE PACE ("Class of 63").  Janice and I were going steady my senior year.  That was a grand evening and one I think about often. What did we call those years??? Maybe the "tender years".  We think things are going to remain the same, but they don't do they ......

Dennis Hollander ... Houston, TX --- I took Shirley Sims (TJ Class of '63) to our Senior Prom.  As most of us did, we had a wonderful time that evening and on into the next day.  Everything was so exciting and full of nothing but fun.  First the Prom, then  the after Prom dance at the old Pleasure Pier Ballroom, early morning breakfast at a classmate's house and then on to the "inevitable beach."  It's amazing how much energy we had back then -- isn't it?  Hi! Shirley, if your out there someplace in cyberspace, I hope life has been good to you.  I'll always remember the many good times we had together so many years ago.

Helen Abraham-Alford -- I went to the Senior Ball with Glenn LeMoine from Bishop Byrne.


Anyone care to guess who this is?

Sandra Nunez-Collins  ...... Is that not Lionel Parent and Liz Moore? 


Photo sent in from Helen Abraham-Alford
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Jimmy Maxfield .... More will come--but I bet I'm the only one to know the gentleman to the far left is Mark Stubbs.



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