The Maroon and Gold Band
The Pride of Thomas Jefferson High School


Standing (L-R) Cindy Brantley and Susan Marsh
Sitting (L-R) Liz Adams, Mary Arisco and Linda Parent


Bottom Row (L-R): Mary Arisco, Liz Adams, Susan Marsh, Cindy Brantley and Linda Parent
Standing (L-R): Beverly Heath, Linda Axtell, Nova Coleman, Liz Moore and Sue Gartin

The "Jeffersonians"

The "Jeffersonians" from the jazz band of the Maroon & Gold Band

The marching "J"

The Perfect finish to an outstanding maneuver


Scalp the PNG Indians !

And we did just that!!!! Jackets 20...Indians 11


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(left to Right) Mary Arisco, Susan Marsh, Carol Dubois and Linda Parent
The game is over, the flag is furled, and it's another victory for TJ


The "Maroon and Gold Band" 1961 CavOILcade parade, downtown Port Arthur


John L. Badgett, Director

John L. Badgett
Band Director


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