TJ Cheerleaders


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Thomas Jefferson Yellow Jacket Cheerleaders, 1960-61

       Ingrid Wendlanat, Head Cheerleader   Bob Clouse

Ingrid Wendlandt                                                             Bob Clouse

Karen Baxter    Ronnie Jones

Karen Baxter                                                     Ronnie Jones     

Charlyn Saulsberry    Jimmy Jordan

                           Charlyn Saulsberry                                                    Jimmy Jordan                             


Yellow Jacket Cheerleaders in the 1961 CavOILcade parade


Wonder if anyone can remember this TJ snack shop?


L-R:  Charlyn Saulsberry, Ingrid Wendlandt and Karen Baxter


"And did we yell!"


"Oh, those Friday nights !!! .... Remember?"





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Mrs. Helen Neuman



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