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Private Dennis Hollander    

Lieutenant Hollander


First Lieutenant Dennis Hollander

Richard Noyola
Killed in Action
Republic of Vietnam

Richard Noyola
Specialist Four
Army of the United States
Los Angeles, California
September 21, 1942 to April 11, 1966
RICHARD NOYOLA is on the Wall at Panel 06E Line 102
See the full profile for Richard Noyola

First Lieutenant Lamar Lawson
Co B, 504th Military Police Battalion
Pleiku, Vietnam

  • Commanding Officer pinning my First Lieutenant silver bars-had received ROTC commission from University of Texas-Austin
  • Preparing to ride on mission helicopter
  • A Portrait shot--for unknown reason
    I served from June 1 of 1966 to May 13, 1967--which was Mother's Day--happy to be home
    I was an officer in a Military Police Company -- in Pleiku -- which is in central highlands -- 504th MP Bn -- Co B. 
    We had highway patrol, bridge guard, town patrol and gate guard on Camp Holloway.  Also-had several detached squads in Hue,
    Danang, Kontum, Bame-thuit and Dalot.  This allowed me to travel once a month on a pay run--took about 10 days to get around--
    flying on all kinds of aircraft--carrying the payroll (You use Military Pay Certificates--like play money--in this situation--but
    usually $10--$15,000 to start with).  When I would arrive at these remote areas--guys were happy to see the Paymaster--and made
    sure I had a good time!!

    Last 4 months was the Executive Officer for the area Provost Marshall (like the sheriff to civilians)--which was very good duty

    Looking forward to hear from others that served---compare some notes.


Major Alan Yount, Retired U.S. Army


Private First Class
Fort Ritchie, Maryland

Specialist 4
Babenhausen, Germany

Specialist 5
Kansas State University
Manhatten, Kansas

Staff Sergeant
Fort Riley, Kansas

Staff Sergeant
9th Admin Co, 9th Infantry Division
Long Than Province
Vietnam 1966 - 1967

Staff Sergeant
Brooke Army Medical Center
Fort Sam Houston, TX

Specialist Lionell Parent
U.S. Army
Fort Wainwright, Alaska


Private Mike McGrew
U.S. Army Reserve


                              Charles B. Kirkendall
Specialist Five -- 1967 - 1969.  3rd Battalion, 84th Artillery Group,
Pershing Missles (Nuclear Missles), U S Army
 Necarsuim, Germany 


Roland Barbosa U S Army 101st Airborne Division, Vietnam  
Jesse Castaneda U S Army 1st Infantry Division, Fort Riley, Kansas Sergeant
James Claude U S Army   Master Sergeant
Jimmy Deriso U S Army Reserve    
Johnny Juan Garcia U S Army First Sergeant  
Paul Gennusa Army National Guard Demolition NCO Specialist 4
Donnie Green U S Army 2nd Armored Division, Fort Hood, TX   Cuban MC
Wade Hebert U S Army Reserve    
Kyle Johnson U S Army Reserve USA Hospital MC, Bagdad, Irag Sergeant
Charles Killingsworth U S Army Reserve USA Hospital MC, Bagdad, Irag Colonel
Robert Reeves U S Army First Infantry Divison, Fort Riley,Kansas
Jerry Savant U S Army    
Leroy Tate U S Army Reserve    
Ralph Teran Army National Guard 111th Engineer Battalion Staff Sergeant
Raymond Lawrence U S Army 1962 - 1965 Kaiserlautern, Germany Specialist 4
James Rogers U S Army 82nd Airborne Division, Mainz, Germany Specialist 4
Jimmy Payne U S Army Reserve   Specialist 4
Tommy Letulle U S Army Reserve    
Howard Edgerly U S Army Reserve    
David Grantham U S Army Reserve    


William "Bill" Jenkins
U S Navy
1961 - 1964
USS Sierra (Destroyer)
Was involved in the Blockade of Cuba
during the "Cuban Missile Crisis"


Bill Holtman
ET-N SS Petty Officer 2nd Class
U.S. Navy

Attended the Navy Electronics Technician school at the Great Lakes facility April 1962.

Assigned a tour of duty as an electronics technician on the USS Guardian AGR-1 (Radar Pickett Ship) stationed in Davisville Rhode Island. Spent two years "rocking & rolling" in the North Atlantic going in circles on the Pickett ship. We provided radar coverage for the East Coast while NORAD was developing new methnods to identify incoming air traffic. North Atlantic seas were too rough for me so I applied for submarine duty thinking that it would be smooth sailing "under water". Graduated from sub school in New London, Connecticut and was assigned to the USS Sea Poacher as an ETN2 (2nd Class Petty Officer) which was home ported at Kay West, Florida. I qualified for submarine duty on the sub and was designated "SS" Submarine Service (ETN2SS). The Sea Poacher was a World War II diesel boat, not a fancy nuclear.

My Duty was extended on Sea Poacher for 6 months because of the war. I was discharged in June of 1966.



Mike "Klondys" Bailey      U S Navy      Submarine Service MM-1 SS  
Ray Baker U S Navy Aircraft Carrier - USS Saratoga  
Wayne J Broussard US Navy Destroyers: USS Hoel and USS Robison  
Roy Hooks U S Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class  
Gene Yentzen U S Navy    



Captain Guy J. Tritico

Pilot Training T-38 (1966)

Service from:

1965 till 1971

Flew the KC-135 (Boeing 707)
refueling plane

Flew in Vietnam from base
in Thailand (68-69)

  Pilot Training T-37 Laredo AFB, TX (1966) Pilot Training T-37 Laredo AFB, TX (1966)
1967-1970 305th Air Refueling Squadron, 8th Air Force, Strategic Air Command in the KC-135 Tanker.  Based at Grissom AFB,
Indiana.  Service while there - 3 TDY tours in Vietnam conflict refueling fighters over enemy occupied territories.
1970-1972 13th Bomb Squadron, 15th Tactical Fighter Wing, Tactical Air Command in the B-570 Bomber Based at McDill AFB,
Florida.  Service while there-Testing new B-57G Tactical Bomber, TDY to Sumpter AFB, South Carolina testing classified
radar equipment. Final Rank when discharged-Captain

  Robert Lee Andrus
Master Sergeant

U. S. Air Force
1961 thru 1981
Job Titles:
Morale, Welfare and Recreation Superintent
Sports Officials Athletic Director
Supervisor of Sports Pffocoa;s
Directory of Recreation, Fish Camp, and Winter Survival Technics
Inspector General Inspection Team Member
Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of Education Department      
Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX
Walker AFB. Roswell, New Mexico
Anderson AFB, Guam
Fairchild AFB, Spokane, Washington
King Salmon Radar Site, Alaska
Loring AFB, Limestone, Maine
March AFB, Riverside, California
Bergstrom AFB, Austin, TX

Presently employed with the City of Austin since 1991

Reagan Knight          U S Air Force Air Force Academy
Bert C. Johnson U S Air Force  



Barry Anderson
U S Marine Corps
Tommy Bradberry
U S Marine Corps
David Burge
U S Marine Corps
John Calhoun
U S Marine Corps
Jaime Castaneda
U S Marine Corps
Private First Class
Leonard Duckworth
US Marine Corps
Private First Class
Huey Latiolais
U S Marine Corps
Private First Class
Johnny Lopez
US Marine Corps
Private First Class
William May
US Marine Corps
Private First Class
Monty Pastorick
US Marine Corps
Tim Porter
US Marine Corps
Private First Class



Johnnie Arnold & Jim Davis

Jim Davis

Johnnie Arnold & Jim Davis


All TJ Veterans

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