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The next TJ All Class Luncheon

The Old KCS Train Station
now known as the Seaman's Center
Houston Ave & Proctor Street
11:30 Friday, January 17th

Call Jean and let her know you will be there.
Email, or text her at jkdmoreau@sbcglobal.net
Or Call her at: (409) 626-0763-

Jean Kay Moreau



Jean Kay Domingue-Moreau

Paul Fitzner

Lucille Armintor

Gary Beavers

Mickey Breaux

Gene Badgett

John and Ester Benoit

Sandy and Walter Boyd

Rodney & Pat Duhon

Betty Elliot

Carlos Estrada

Rita Foster

Carrie Hebert

Ann Leger

John Lewallen

Lee and Donna Lumpkin

William McDuffie

Coy Petteway

Charlene Prejean

Sherie Reid

Hans Dieter Schulz & Ginger Cloar Hamilton

Becly Slocum

Wayne Taylor

James Webb



Pictuures taken at the Cajun Restaurant on December 20th, 2019
For the Luncheon Christmas Event.

Jean Kay Domingue-Moreau (Head Hauncho)


    Hans Dieter Schulz & Ginger Hamilton Carlos Estrada
    Alice Tate, Santa & Vicki Beard Sanda & Brenda Pastorelli
    Charlene Prejean

Jean Kay Domingue-Moreau

    John and Ester Benoit Ester Benoit
    Ann Leger Leroy and Alice Tate
    Janice and Henry Sattler Rita Foster
    Mary and Tommy Dorsey Janet and Jim Quebedeaus (AKA Santa Claus)
    Wayne Taylor Sherie Ried
    Ginger Hamilton Sandy Boyd
Mary Dorsey and Janet Quebedeaux  






Pictures taken at the Reel Cajun Restaurant on December 21st, 2018
for the Luncheon Christmas Event.

Ann Leger Becky Slocum
Rodney and Pat Duhon V.J. and Cheryl Harper
Betty and Jim (Santa) Quebedeaux Betty, Santa & Jean Kay Moreau
Santa and Jean Kay Glenn Hicks and Gail Shook
Santa and Ginger Hamilton Tommy Dorsey, Santa and Mary Dorsey
Sherie Reid, Santa and Jean Kay Paul Fitzner and Jean Kay







Karen Keating (61) & Glenn Hicks (61) Stephanie Gaspard (72) & Brenda Pastorella (63)
Ann Leger (64) Becky Slocum (65)
Lee Lumpkin (64) Ralph Teran (61) & Linda Teran
Brenda Hollingsworth (63) Travis Bergeron (65)
John & Esther Benoit (56) Charlene Prejean (64)
Linda Broussard (64) Gary Beevers


Sherie Reid (65) Jean Kay Domingue-Mopreau (61)
Judy Dawson-Bales (63) John Lewallen (63) & Brenda Hollingsworth (63)



Jean Kay Moreau (61) Sheri Reid (65)
Henry Satt;er (PNG59) & Janice Forean-Sattler (61) Mary Bergeron-Dorsey (62) & Tommy Dorsey (PNG-57)
Hans Dieter Schulz (59) Ginger Cloar (62)
Sue Terrell-Dartez (61) Sandy Marsh-Boyd (61)
Betty Craig_Elliott (62) & Laarry Elliott Jim Quebedeaux (61) & Janet Craig-Quebedeaux (62)
Coy Petteway (63) Pat Duhoh & Rodney Duhon (61)

Next Luncheon will be June 15th at the Crazy Cajun

Nandy Norris-Class of 56 Debbie Esagne & Dellphine Haynes
Class of 64

L-R: Leroy Tate (61) Betty Craig (62) Janet Craig (62) Larry Elliott
Jim Quebedeaux (61 & Santa Claus)

Tim & Donna Champagne


Betty Craig-Ellliott (62) & Larry Elliott Ginger Cloar (62) & Hans Dieter Schulz (60)
Jim Quebedeaux (61) & Janet Craig Quebedeaux (62) Billie Codie Barnette (64)

Gold shoes of Ann Leger

Mary Ann Crochet (64) & Brenda Richard (61)


Below pictures were taken at the Rancho Grande, Mexican Resturant, 21 July 2017


Below pictures taken at Floyd's Seafood & Texas Steakhouse, 16 June 2017


Pictures taken at the Neches Wheelhouse Restaurant,19 May 2017

Pictures taken at the Pine Tree Lodge, 21 April, 2017

Pictures taken at the "Outback" Luncheon on March 17, 2017

Photos taken at Previous TJ Luncheons