The Red Hussars

Updated:  08/19/2011


Red Hussars in Classic Style .. Downtown Port Arthur in 1961

When the Red Hussar Drum and Bugle Corps flashed past in parade formation, Port Arthurans viewed the best drill team in the area!

This photograph of the Red Hussars was taken on Procter Street in 1961 (probably the Cavoilcade parade)
(This  photo was taken from the cover of the Port Arthur telephone book dated September 1961)



hussars2.jpg (59222 bytes)

Photo courtesy of Linda Tomlin-Taylor

Hussars at Football Game
I do not remember whicfh football game, but this one was our senior year during a football game in the stadium.
The Hussar majorettes were dressed like french maids during the half-time performance to fit the theme of the
music. I wish I knew who the Hussars are in the picture beside me.


The "Red Hussars" at the 1961 CavOILCade parade
Double-time in perfect step!


Photo courtesy of Diane Loukas-Royall

Photo Courtesy of Diane Loukas-Royall 

L-R:  Linda Tomlin, Jeannie Hollingsworth, Pat Daniel, Claudette Hilliard and Bo-Peep Patrick


Leading the Corps during the fall semester were officers, Kneeling: Sharon Jones, Olivia Aleman, Counter Clockwise: Kay Dartez, Pat Huber, Ann Killingsworth, Sharon Sibley, Hanna Hampton, Susan White, Karen Byrd, Janis Moon, Peggy Breaux, Virginia Oakley, Karlene Snoek, Erleen Porter.  Center: Anne Lofton, Center Counter Clockwise:  Bo Peep Patrick, Jeanie Hollingsworth, Linda Tomlin, Pat Daniel and Claudette Hilliard.



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Ms. Nancy McClain


Just to let all former Red Hussars Know about the Great Alumin Association.  Contact them at:  Red Hussars Alumni Association (RHAA), P.O. Box 1703, Groves, Texas  77619.  We have had such fun marching with them.  Not everyone plays an instrument (Time and Tide) Some of us March and do not play.  Others just play and some ride the float in the Mardi Gras Parade; But we all enjoy seeing other members.  If you live out of Town or out of the State you can be an associate member and receive the monthly newsletter.  It keeps you up-to-date on the activities and news about the Corp and members.  COME JOIN US!

Red Hussars Alumni Association

Red Hussar Alumni Association...1999

Red Hussars Alumni Association 1999
Photograph of the Red Hussar Alumni Association from the 1999 Mardi Gras Parade
The men pictured were the escorts for the parade.
(Photo courtesy of Rachel Gloria-Hawkins of the RHAA)





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