From time to time we come across some classic "memory" photos.
We would like to test your memory and see if you can identify any of these classmates:




Trivia Question:
Who coined the Class Motto ..?
"If we can't do it ... It can't be done!
The Senior Class of Sixty-one"

I made up the quote.  Thanks for asking.  .... Linda Tomlin-Taylor

I am not kidding about the class motto.  I wanted us to have a class saying that identified us especially with a year like 1961 that you can turn upside down, and still have it say the same thing.  When I was about a junior, I played with the words sixty-one and came up with the class challenge. “If we can’t do it, it can’t be done.”  I guess my old days from being a cheerleader at Woodrow Wilson Junior High kicked in for making up cheers and shouting chants.  I was amazed when you guys started using it on the web site.  We use to make the drag and shout it out.  I think our class is special with members who showed kindness to each other.  Our class members took care of each other.  We were more low key and understated than most TJ classes, but we have our genuine sincere spirit that has outlasted them all.  I still think my quote applies.
     Linda Tomlin-Taylor


Every now and then we find one of our former classmates who was with us for a period of time and then just disappears.  Such was the case with Rocky Rockwell.  Rocky was with us from DeQueen school through the 9th Grade at Woodrow Wilson.  He was a popular guy and played athletics.  During our last year at WWJHS Rocky's father unexpectedly died.  Rocky, his sister and Mother moved to Abiliene, TX to be close to other family members and friends.
Rocky attended the high school there and was on the baseball team and participated in other athletic endeavors. Once again, he became a popular person at his new school and made many friends. He went on the college and eventually to law school. He now practices law in the Houston area.

Jimmy Maxfield and David Nutt located Rocky and met at one of the restaurants in Houston and had a long joyful conversation with him.  Below are two photos taken with Jimmy's cell phone camera:

Pictures of Rocky, Jimmy and David
Jimmy, David & Rocky
David and Rocky


First Row: Craig Grant, Pat Daniels, Kay Thames, Helen Abraham,  Janice Foreman and Linda Tomlin
Second Row: Karen Byrd, Bill Holtman, Joe Guidry, ???, ???, ???, and Charles Killingsworth
(Photo courtesy Joe and Pat Landry)


Who are these future TJ61 Classmates?
Lionel Parent and Linda Parent-Robinson


Picture courtesy of Linda Tomlin-Taylor
Check Day at TJ

Did we have check day at TJHS? At first I thought this was High Nine day at Woodrow Wilson,
but the background is TJHS. Anyway pictured are:
Linda Tomlin, Karen Baxter, Helen Abraham, Pat Daniel and Janice Foreman


Linda Tomlin and Michelle 'Mika" Prejea
Picture was taken at the Pleasure Pier swimming pool

The picture below was sent in by Jean Kay Domingue-Moreau.
Jean says this is a picture of "Rainbow Girls" taken at the Masonic
Lodge on Lakeshore Drive in 1960.  Please help us to
identify these beautiful young ladies

Rainbow Girls

Bottom Row (Sitting Left to Right):  Sherry Welch, Clara Tibbetts, Claire B.C. Albright, Carolyn Estes, Unknown, Sue Carter
Second Row (Middle):  Carolyn Baggett, Susie Clarkson, Jean Kay Domingue, Carolyn Anawaty, Joleen Eaves, Pam Moyer
Top Row:  Cammie Oliver, Martha Laird, Judy Prejean, Anna Lou Yost, Judy Chellete, Mary Thrace Scott, Betty Jo Wade, (Man) Unknown, Mrs. J B Jordan, Lana Huckaby, Ann Nielson, Linda Axtell, Sharon Sibley, Claudia Pitts.

Look for Jimmy Payne, Cecilla Sherwood, Tammy Stagsberg Babin, Donnie Green,
Lecretia Smith, Jimmy Maxfield, June Hinds & Mary Beth Adams.
My, what an innocent looking group:  Mary Beth Adams
Photo # 11 (Courtesy of Jim Maxfield)

Photo # 12 (Courtesy Jim Maxfield)

Photo # 13 (Courtesy Jim Maxfield)

Dequeen Elementary . Guess what grade and year .... Name the classmates
(Photo courtesy of Diane Loukas-Royall)

I haven't seen that picture of DeQueen school class in years.  I never understood why I was the only one in braids.  I figure that is 2nd or third grade.  So many memories, Larry Ross, Randy Cowling, Sammy Atchison, Ann Mock, Henrietta Brown, Jane Goff, Diane Loukas, can't remember all. .... Beverly Heath-Dugas

Think the little blonde to the right is Claudette Hilliard.
It must have been before she moved near me & transferred over to Robert E. Lee. ... Helen Abraham-Alford

My guess is that I see Susan Marsh, Beverly Heath, Henrietta Brown, Sammy Atchison, Ann Mock, Jane Goff, Diane Loukas, Maybe the blonde is Claudette Hilliard. Help us out Beverly  .... Sandy Marsh-Boyd

Is Kelly Rankin in the Dequeen photo?..I was thinking she was in Tyrrell but maybe it was Jr High we met...
Sandy Marsh-Boyd

I don't believe Kelly Rankin is in the DeQueen photo.  She was at Tyrrell but before we all moved "up" to Jr High (Woodrow Wilson) her father was transferred away from Port Arthur thus us losing Kelly.  Wonder what ever became of her? ... Paul Fitzner

I think I remember.  Susan Marsh, June Hinds, Randy Cowling, Diane Loukas, Virginia Oakley (?), Larry Jernigan, Sammy Atchison, Kay McConathy (sp?), Henrietta Brown, Beverly Heath, Karen Smith, Ann Mock, Sandra Galleon and Jane Goff.  So many look familiar but just cannot remember.  Sue Terrel-Dartez.


Jeanie Hollingsworth and David Nutt

Ronnie Landry, Jimmy Maxfield, Ted Lilljedahl,, Russell Stout, Lamar Lawson
and (sitting) Jimmy Johnson


Photo 8 Photo 9 Photo 10
Sue Terrel and Virginia Oakley
(I think) ... Sue Terrell
Anne Boote, Sandy Marsh and Ana Bell Levy ... Sue Terrell (What's with the scarves? ...Paul Fitzner ) Bill Jenkins and Sandy Marsh
... Sue Terrell


Trivia question from
Sandy Marsh-Boyd:

 "Who sold the football programs at the football games at
Yellow Jacket Stadium when we were in high school?"



Jim Davis


Photo # 5 ... Sixth Grade ... Tyrrell Elementary, 1954-1955
Top row second from left is Elizabeth Wilson
Photo courtesy of Eileen Wilkins

This is not clear so I am guessing. Help me out?
I see Helen Broussard, Sharon Morgan, Cindy Brantley, Ann Lofton, Sherry DeAbadie, Susan Reigner, Burt Johnson, Mickey Hamilton, Linda Riley  Not sure if all correct.. ... Sandy Marsh-Boyd

Anne Lofton says:

1st Row, L to R:  Mrs. Spencer, Sarah Lowther, Jimmy Richards, Ronald Jones,  ?  ,  Jerry Meyers, Mr. Spredley 
2nd Row:  Bert Johnson,  ?  ,  Barbara Wallace,  ?  ,  Cherie D'Abadie, Anne Lofton 
3rd Row:  Linda Riley, Tim Richardson, Linda Jones, Doyle Hester, Dennis Hollander,  ? 
4th Row:  Susan Marsh, Bill Roussell, John Oterie, Judith  ?, Mary Gregory, Cindy Brantley 
5th Row:  Pete Buttenhoff, Betty McDonald, Helen Morgan, Jimmy Moyer, Donald Ball, Sharon Morgan 
I recognize the other faces, but the names have escaped me!!


Jean Kay Domingue


L-R: Bryan Anderson, Jean Kay,
Johnnie Arnold & Barry Anderson


Mary Beth Tennant and Jean Kay Domingue


Carol Jean Miguez, Kathleen Allen, Melinda Richards, Ingrid Wendlandt, Jean Kay Domingue, Susan Riegner, Jane Goff and Ann Mock





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